Our Passion is for


Sharing highly effective gear with fellow motorcyclists is the foundation of our company. After all, it’s all about the ride!

Many of us at Ultimate Road Trip Gear have ridden motorcycles all our lives. We enjoy the freedom of the open road, leaving all of our concerns behind and seeing some of the most beautiful sites in the country. Whether we have a specific itinerary or we are lazily rolling along at our favorite spot in the world. The Blue Ridge Parkway. The ride takes us to a place we can’t get to any other way.

The gear has always played a role in that experience. The right stuff makes a huge difference. We have spent our hard earned money on products that didn’t work or couldn’t pass the test on the road and as a result we decided to share the products that have made a difference with fellow riders.

Meet Scott

Our founder, a passionate motorcycle enthusiast

I remember my first bike, a 1970 Honda 50 mini trail two tone, blue and silver, with chrome crash bars. Big scooter for a first grader. You can say I have been in love with motorcycling most all of my life. There have been many models and many colors but all of them have taken me to that special destination. I have had some of the most memorable experiences of my life on my motorcycle road trips.

There has always been something special to me about the journey to get to a destination. Those unscripted hilarious moments, fantastic discoveries not listed on any maps and the special friends I have been so fortunate to enjoy. I have spent a great deal of my life in the auto industry and my time away from the plants is precious. It is no wonder that my passion for bikes and my desire to get the most out of my vacation time has led me to start a company that features products for bikers that really work.