The Motorcycle Drink Thing

A highly efficient motorcycle cup holder that won’t spill, is compact, and has been thoroughly road tested. Learn more.

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Won’t Spill or Slip

The long haul rider knows about the struggle to hydrate or to just get a cold drink traveling long distances. I have stuffed a water bottle into the handle bars only to see it skipping off the roadside after one drink. I have also purchased the large bulky cup holders that look terrible and bounced the drink out on the road or worse yet all over my bike.

Sleek and Compact

The Motorcycle Drink Thing is compact and completely collapses when not in use. It does not sit on the handle bar and scream “Look at my drink holder”. It discreetly blends into the instrumentation, while having a sleek appearance.

Road Tested and Approved

It has been vigorously road tested by all of us and exceeds expectations. I love riding out of Asheville on the Blue Ridge Parkway and taking a drink of hot coffee in the upper elevations or just reaching to the handle bar to get a cold blast of my energy drink on the way home from cutting the grass at my farm in the summer.

Made in the U.S.A.


All kits feature mounting bracket, hardware and rings fully assembled.

Mounting bracket attaches directly to handle bar.

FITS: Universal handlebar fit clamp system for size 7/8” to 1 1/8”. Please use compatibility with specific models:

H-D All models fit with our switch mount system. It mounts to controls housing on either LH or RH side. All Tour Models including hydraulic clutch equipped bikes. Dyna and Sportster style bikes as well.
Honda Our metric system fits All GL 1000/1500/1800 models, Interstate and Valykrie. VTX 1300/1800 models All Shadow models as well as Custom line.
Indian All models use our metric system.
Kawasaki Vulcan 1500/1600 use the clamp mount system.
Suzuki Tour models work best with our clamp system.
Yamaha Road star and V star models plus Venture models use our clamp system.

NOTE: Please add your year, make and model in the notes on your order so we can make sure you are getting the right equipment. Call us at 734-934-4655 if you have any questions.

Step One
Make sure wiring and lines are clear from selected attaching location.

Step Two
Remove (2) Allen head screws from attaching bracket.

Step Three
Position Drink Thing and clamp.

Step Four
Return (2) Allen screws to original location and tighten.
Do not over-tighten these screws.