Hello to our friends, customers and fellow riders. I can’t believe this past weekend was Labor Day. Normally, we would be packing for one of our favorite events “Bikes on the Bricks” in Flint, Michigan. Covid-19 has dramatically impacted motorcycle events across the entire country. We have only been to one function in Indiana back in May. We sure do miss seeing everyone!! I want to thank everyone that shared their support of our product with another rider. We have received orders from all over the country. So grateful to you! Our friends at www.cyclefish.com that have been handling our advertising also… We have been safe and spending a lot of time at home. Fortunately for us, we live on a lake and we can go for a boat ride or do some fishing. I have been working from home for the last couple of months. It has been quite an adjustment. I do have to visit suppliers as part of my job and have been riding my bike as much as possible. I usually ride over two hundred miles a day when I am working on the road. I noticed in Michigan there is a lot less traffic due to the so many people working from home. It has been really nice riding without as many crazies out there. We have been keeping up the business and taking advantage of the opportunities to improve also. We have a new retail set up after getting blown off Main Street in Muskegon last year during “Rebel Road”. We have a new retail tent that is full frame and pretty heavy duty. It is yellow and black. Our old store was white with black letters. We still have the flags so keep an eye out for us when we return for to events. I have a sad detail to share. Many of you know our security dog, Nina. She kept an eye on the merchandise when she wasn’t sleeping. Anyway, she passed away on June 24. We are heartbroken. Nina was one of the three Amigos. She rode with us, as well. The Blue Ridge Parkway was her favorite too. I will throw some pictures of our beloved Nina, my new home office and the event in late February at Tinley Park in Chicago. It was a great time!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Scott and Kathy